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Lewes’ Dave Truitt honored with his own Blue Rocks game jersey

Calm and class – A round corner table at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club, with Rehoboth Bay as a backdrop, and a view down to the Indian River Inlet bridge provided the setting for an afternoon lunch. Joe McDonald, Executive Director of the Delaware Stadium Corporation (Frawley Stadium-Blue Rocks), presented an official Blue Rocks jersey bearing the number 25 commemorating Dave truitt‘s 25 years on the board and never misses a meeting. The name Truitt is written on the back. Then there were photos taken followed by baseball stories, stories from there. Dave, 87, is a longevity guy, from an Eagles season pass holder since 1960 to his love of the Phillies to his tenure on the Cape Henlopen School Board. A left-handed pitcher of some renown in his day, Dave was offered a contract by the Philadelphia Athletics at 17, but his mother wouldn’t let him sign because the A’s were playing on Sundays. Dave also spoke about his days at Catawba College (coaches Hanley and Georgianna comes from there). Dave is in a phase of his life where recovering an inner map of his deep past can leave him perplexed. His wife Helen filled a few empty spaces. and his lifelong friends Dickie brittingham, Dickie buckaloo and Don Burton were there with him on every story. Little girl Olivia wilson I just shine, taking all of this into account. I quipped, “Only in Sussex County can you have four longtime friends at a table, all names beginning with the letter D, and two are Dickie.”

Stop-and-go traffic – I am a front-end searcher of stories and photos. Opportunities are all around us, but you have to see them. Walking Legends at Champions Stadium on August 15th, I see the woman in a neon vest (they’re everywhere) holding the reversible red and green stop signs. I ask him to hold one of each and Carol Hargreaves jovially obliges. It was his idea to turn around. I wrote on Facebook, “This is what happens when a retired third base coach becomes school crossing guard. I’ve seen more indecisive third baseman coaches than anyone else – “Come on! Go! Stop! ”“ You’re out! ”“ Roscoe, I told you to stop! ”“ Don’t even start with me, coach. Nobody goes, goes and stops at the same time.

Gold Medal for Girl Scouts – The Champions Stadium scorecard has been significantly improved this summer thanks to Darby Klopp‘s Girl Scout project, the Gold Award for Girl Scouts. Arena Signs (Ed Martin, my daughter in law Suzannah Martin FrédéricThe brother of) put the entries for the Cape Town championship on Tuesday morning. Everything first class, and the campus looks tidy. Visitors to the Champions Stadium will be greeted by a total of 18 state championship signs on the way to the stadium, all ranging from field hockey to women’s lacrosse. The Gold Award will be presented to Darby on September 11, when Cape Town hosts Dover. Last year, the Senators beat Cape in Game 1 of the season to reach the semi-finals of the state tournament.

Periscope depth – I run silently and deeply in search of sports stories that include names I recognize and athletes I know, even if they don’t know me. Delaware Field Hockey Player of the Year in 2017 Peyton kemp is a roster freshman at Syracuse University. Kemp has scored 110 goals in four years at Delmar, which is just incomprehensible. 2015 Mount Pleasant High School Delaware Field Hockey Player of the Year Kate walker is a junior who plays in Michigan. Ryan langford is an assistant coach in Michigan and married to Maren Ford Langford de Lewes, former Cape and Princeton player and member of the US National Indoor Team. Sydney Ostroski returns for his junior field hockey season at West Chester University. Logan shuttleworth is a freshman at West Chester University and listed as a passer on the Golden Rams volleyball roster.

Band Camp – Interrogate Chris Burkhart and Barry eli if Fredman likes the Cape band. I’ve always thought the bands from the University of Delaware, Temple, Delaware State, West Chester, and UMass were great. A little problem is that I don’t understand a thing, but it brightens up any football game, which is just too long. There are some great bands on the program from Cape Town including Dover, CR and Sussex Tech, to name a few of my favorites. I hit myself a lot, not because I haven’t played in the NFL, but because I can’t play the piano. It’s time to wade through the water like Ramsey Lewis. Go ahead now, git!

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